Director - Vanessa K Breach

Chorus Mistress - Susan Calvert

Choreography - Vanessa K Breach

Production Co-ordinator - Theresa Jordan

Stage Manager - Ray Breach

Backstage Crew - Bryan Jackson, Alan Jordan, Oscar  Peterson,

Caroline Stephenson & Kevin Stephenson

Light & Sound - Kevin Carrig, Ben Lawrance, Josh Corkerton & Jessie Caie

Continuity - Hilary Greenslade

Operations Manager - Susan Calvert

Make Up - Mandy Godridge & Julie Jenner

Hair Stylist - Catherine Coppock

Dresser - Theresa Jordan

Scenery Design - Hazel Simmons & Amy Bowers

Scenery Painting - Hazel Simmons, Amy Bowers, Tony Robinson & friends

Props - Sue Bradley, Amanda Ashton, Kim Bedford & friends

Wardrobe Mistress - Mandy Coluccia

Wardrobe Assistant - Wendy Evans

Children's Dressing Rooms - Sharron Crowhurst & friends

Front of House - Jan Treacher-Evans & friends

Refreshments - Sue Knight & friends

Photography - Ben Talbot & Brian Simmons


Daisy & Jack

‚ÄčJack and the Beanstalk

Black Mac

A Giant Tale set in the Wild West

Giant Blunderbore

Jack - Caroline T

Jill - Rebecca McGregor

Dame Dolly Goldtop - Derek Leybourne

Miss Molly Barleycorn - Mandy Coluccia

Black Mac - Tony Robinson

Sheriff - Arran Treacher-Evans

Billy the Kid - Mick Selley

Giant Blunderbore - Dave Bradley

Jemima - Mandy Godridge

Chief Sleeping Bear - Alison Ellis

Daisy the Cow - Brian Simmons


Sue Calvert, Rebecca Selley, Grace Jenner, Amy Liverton,

Hazel Simmons, Amanda Ashton, Steve Totman, Sue Bradley,

Janet Avarne, Kim Bedford and Jane Liverton

Junior Chorus

Sofia Bracci, Robert Buller, Lucy Coluccia, Molly Crowhurst,

Lucy Fewings, Oliver Fewings, Melissa Graffham, Alice Jeal,

Daisy Jeal, Mathilda Jeal, Lauren Murdoch,

Joseph Stevens, Lucy Thompson, Hannah Titchard,

Olivia Tress, Eva Twomey, Matilda West

& Rosie Winfield

Dame Dolly Goldtop

Prepare to quake in your boots as down on the farm, Dame Dolly Goldtop is struggling to make ends meet on her dairy farm, not helped by her son Jack who spends more time day dreaming than milking their last remaining cow Daisy.

Just up the road, Miss Molly Barleycorn and her daughter, the lovely Jill, can hardly afford to pay their farm boys another week's wages. With the evil Black Mac demanding his rent, things are looking bleak. If only there was a handsome Sheriff to save the day!

Jack and Jill, who have clearly not read the fairy tale, decide to sell Daisy for a handful of beans (with benefits) or so promises the Injun Chief. But are the beans truly magical? Will they lead Jack and Jill  on an exciting adventure, up a beanstalk to the giant's cottage high up in the clouds? Will they meet the biggest man for human beans on toast?  

Jill & Jemima

Miss Molly Barleycorn

Written & Directed by Vanessa K Breach

Billy the Kid  & Sherriff

Jack & Jill

Chief Sleeping Bear