Queen Pillowslips & King Duvet

Nanny Napalot

Director - Vanessa K Breach

Chorus Mistress - Susan Calvert

Choreography - Vanessa K Breach and

Grace Jenner (Sweetdream's Ballet)

Production Co-ordinator - Theresa Jordan

Stage Manager - Ray Breach

Backstage Crew - Bryan Jackson, Alan Jordan,

Caroline Stephenson, Kevin Stephenson

Light and Sound - Kevin Carrig, Ben Lawrance and Josh Corkerton

Continuity - Marian Leybourne

Make Up - Mandy Godridge, Clair Waterman and Julie Jenner

Hair Stylist - Catherine Coppock

Dresser - Theresa Jordan

Scenery Design -  Hazel Bowley and Amy Bowers,

Mick Selley and Dave Bradley for Stone Age and Space Age

Scenery Painting - Hazel Bowley, Amy Bowers,

Brian Simmons and friends

Props - Sue Bradley, Hazel Bowley, Kim Bedford and friends

Time Machine - Hazel Bowley and Jack Coombes

Wardrobe Mistresses - Mandy Coluccia, Wendy Evans and friends

Children's Dressing Rooms - Jennie and Kat Adams,

Trudi Whitlock, Sharron Crowhurst and friends

Front of House - Mary Braitch and friends

Refreshments - Sue Knight and friends

Photography - Brian Simmons and Ben Talbot


Prince Valance


Princess Sweetdreams

Spit & Polish

Queen Pillowslips - Alison Ellis

King Duvet - Tony Robinson

Nanny Napalot - Mick Selley

Chuckles - Mandy Coluccia

Spit - Dave Bradley

Polish - Brian Simmons

Fairy Lavender - Mandy Godridge

Fairy Camomile - Fiona McGregor

Fairy Nettle - Caroline T

Princess Sweetdreams - Alice Jenner

Prince Valance - Alexandra McGregor


Steve Totman, Amanda Ashton, Kim Bedford, Hazel Bowley,

Sue Bradley, Sue Calvert, Bethany Leybourne, Jen Wiseman,

Rebecca McGregor, Janet Avarne & Glenys Muscato

Junior Chorus

Lola Banfield, Izzy Bedford, Lucy Coluccia, Charlie Crowhurst, Mollie Crowhurst, Lucy Fewings, Melissa Graffham, Alice Jeal, Daisy Jeal, Mathilda Jeal, Lauren Murdoch, Lucy Thompson, Matilda West & Lucy Whitlock

Fairy  Lavender & Fairy Camomile

Written & Directed by Vanessa K Breach

Fairy Nettle

The Sleeping Beauty

Chuckles the Jester