Dick Whittingon

Dame Sarah Suet

Director - Vanessa K Breach

Chorus Mistress - Susan Calvert

Choreography - Vanessa K Breach and Jo Evans

Stage Manager - Ray Breach

Backstage Crew - Bryan Jackson, Alan Jordan, Phill Evans,

Caroline Stephenson, Kevin Stephenson and Garry Treacher-Evans

Light and Sound - Kevin Carrig, Ben Lawrance and Jesse Caie

Continuity - Marian Leybourne

Make Up - Mandy Godridge, Clair Waterman and Julie Jenner

Hair Stylist - Catherine Coppock

Dresser - Theresa Jordan

Scenery Design - Amy Bowers and Hazel Bowley

Scenery Painting - Amy Bowers, Hazel Bowley, Robyn Coleman,

Tony Robinson, Brian Simmons and friends

Props - Sue Bradley, Phill Evans, Mick Selley and friends

Wardrobe Mistresses - Mandy Bedford, Wendy Evans and friends

Children's Dressing Rooms - Jennie and Kat Adams,

Sharron Crowhurst and friends

Front of House - Carol Barratt, Mary Braitch and friends

Refreshments - Sue Knight and friends

Photography - Brian Simmons


King Rat - Tony Robinson

Tinkerbelle - Caroline T

Alice Fitzwarren - Alice Jenner

Mrs Fitzwarren - Alison Ellis

Dozy Dan - Mandy Bedford

Dame Sarah Suet - Simon Coleman

Captain Haddock - Mick Selley

First Mate Mr Chips - Mandy Godridge

Dick Whittington - Arran Treacher- Evans

Cassie the Cat - Jo Evans

Moroccan Guards - Amy Bowers and Hazel Bowley

Sultana of Morocco - Helen Coleman

Sultana's Slave - Robyn Coleman

Adult Chorus

Amy Bowers, Hazel Bowley, Sue Bradley, Sue Calvert, Hilton Carr,

Robyn Coleman, Glenys Muscato and Steve Totman

Junior Chorus

Lola Banfield, Lucy Coluccia, Charlie Crowhurst, Laura Evans,

Luke Evans, Lucy Fewings, Melissa Graffham, Daisy Jeal, Mathilda Jeal,

Sophie Kay, Yasmin Kay, Bethany Leybourne, Apphia Maximum-Brown,

Nathaniel Maximum-Brown, Lauren Murdoch, Ottilie Peterson,

Lucy Thompson, Matilda West and Lucy Whitlock


Cassie the Cat

Alice Fitzwarren

Written & Directed by Vanessa K Breach

Dozy Dan


Dick Whittington

Captain Haddock

King Rat