Written & Directed by Vanessa K Breach

Dame Eccles

Victoria - Kathy Carrig

Prince Florentine - Jo Banbury

Rumpelstiltzkin - Jo Evans

Dame Eccles - Mick Selley

Queen Madeleine - Jan Treacher-Evans

King Marzipan - Steve Tarpey

Reverend Seedcake Tompkins - David Jenner

Farmer Scrumpy - Derek Bruce

Cooper - Will Rawlings

Miss Macaroon - Jackie Bruce

Postmistress Patsy - Mandy Godridge

Simon - Vanessa K Breach

Town Crier - Kevin Carrig

Buttercup - Maggie Tarpey & Phill Evans

Adult Chorus

Sharon Anderson, Sue Calvert, Jenny Courtnage, Don Ellis, Amanda Gowers,

Lesley McCarthy, Lisa Ross, Ruth Savage, Carol Selley & Mary West

Naughty Schoolgirls & Trainee Flappers

Abigail - Megan Courtnage

Beatrice - Clare McCarthy

Clarissa - Rachel Bruce

Daphne - Claire Carrig

Edwina - Kate Williams

Felicity- Penny Wilson

Gloria - Deborah White

Harriet - Kathleen Adams

The Dancers

Bethany Breach, Catherine Bruce, Emily Courtnage,

Alice Courtnage & Rebecca Selley

Junior Chorus

Blair Anderson, Megan Treacher-Evans, Hannah Ross, Katherine Savage,

Rebecca Savage, Charlotte Selley, Hannah Tarpey, Abigail West & Sally Wilson

The Seven Vertically Challenged Miners

(for reasons of copyright and, of course, political correctness)

The one who's slightly stressed - Adam Tarpey

The one with a permanent allergy - Ben Ellis

The one who suffers from insomnia - Ben Calvert

The one who's lacking a little in confidence - Adam Ellis

The one who enjoys his work - Arran Treacher-Evans

The one who's doing well with his studies - William Adams

The one who's academically challenged - Paul Gowers



Director - Vanessa K Breach

Choreography - Vanessa K Breach

Choreography for Dancers - Jo Evans

Piano - Phil Richards

Guitars - Julian Horlock & Grahame Polley

Drums - Ian Gowers

Stage Manager - Ray Breach

Backstage Crew - Phill Evans,Dave Evans, Carol Barratt,

Bryan Jackson, Timothy Breach, James McCarthy,

Matthew Carrig, Oliver Woodage, Alison Ellis & Garry Treacher-Evans

Light & Sound - Kevin Carrig, Andy Woodage & Matthew Polley

Scenery & Props - Phill Evans, Mick Selley, Jo Evans, Jo Banbury,

Vic Selley, Brian Simmons & Friends

Wardrobe - Jennie Adams, Mary West & Nan Selley

Wardrobe Assistants - Wendy Evans, Monica Church, Ruth Savage & Julie Wilson

Chorus Mistress - Carol Selley

Continuity - Linda Gibbs

Refreshments - Sue Knight & Friends

Dressing Rooms - Jennie Adams, Christine Williams, Caroline Stephenson,

Therese Jordan, Angie Pawlyszyn, Rebekah White, Joanna Wilson,

Paula West, Suzanne battensby, Julie Wilson, Julie Jenner,

Maggie Tarpey  & Norma White

Front of House - Dennis Drysdale & Friends

Photographer - Brian Simmons

Poster/Programme Design - Lesley McCarthy

Reverend Seedcake


Written & Directed by Vanessa K Breach


Queen Madeleine

Victoria & Simon


Prince Florentine