Chuckles - Jackie Bruce

Queen Pillowslips - Alison Ellis

King Duvet - Arvid Woods

Spit - Glen Robertson

Polish - Shelley Cozens

Nanny Napalot - Phil Thomas

Fairy Daffodil - Steve Tarpey

Fairy Crocus - David Jenner

Fairy Tulip - Mick Selley

Fairy Nettle -Jan Treacher-Evans

Princess Sweetdreams - Jo Eagland

Prince Valance - Jo Raggett

Count Apane - Kathy Carrig

Spirits - Louise McElhatton & Rebecca White

Adult Chorus

Sue Calvert, Carron Campbell, Colin Campbell, Kathy Carrig,

Caroline Dove, Jackie Fowler, Mandy Godridge,

James McCarthy, Lesley McCarthy, Louise McElhattoon,

Carol Selley, Edward White, Rebecca White & Tanya Woods

Junior Chorus

Bethany Breach, Catherine Bruce, Claire Carrig, Nia Clarke,

Alice Courtnage,  Emily Courtnage, Megan Courtnage,

Rochelle Fowler, Gina Hughes, Hayley Hughes, Clare McCarthy,

Katherine Savage, Charlotte Selley, Rebecca Selley,

Hannah Tarpey, Emily Thomas, Deborah White,

Joanna Wilson, Penny Wilson, Sally Wilson & Lydia Woods

The Sleeping Beauty

Written & Directed by Vanessa K Breach


Director - Vanessa K Breach

Production Assistant - Jackie Bruce

Choreography - Vanessa K Breach

Piano - Phil Richards

Guitars - Julian Horlock & Grahame Polley

Drums - Ian Gowers

Stage Manager - Ray Breach

Backstage Crew - Phill Evans, Tracy Evans, John Courtnage &

Peter Whitlock

Light & Sound - Kevin Carrig, Andy Woodage & Nathan Woods

Scenery & Props - Tracy Evans & Terry McCarthy

Wardrobe - Ruth Savage, Monica Church, Alison Ellis & Friends

Chorus Mistress - Carol Selley

Continuity - Linda Gibbs

Refreshments - Sue Knight & Friends

Dressing Rooms - Jenny Courtnage, Julie Wilson, Margaret Nicholls,

Julie Jenner  & Norma White

Front of House - Mary Watts & Friends

Poster/Programme Design - Margaret Nicholls