Captain Perkins & Mrs Crusoe


Captain Blackheart & Captain Fishnets

Robinson Crusoe

& Lucy Music Box Doll

Robinson Crusoe

Junior Chorus

Adult Chorus

Freddie (Man Friday)

Director     Vanessa K Breach

Chorus Mistress     Sue Calvert

Choreography     Vanessa K Breach

Production Coordinator     Theresa Jordan

Stage Manager     Ray Breach

Backstage Crew     Alan Jordan & Ben Calvert

Technical Manager     Kevin Carrig

Assisted by       Pete Fewings & Olivia Monnery

Continuity      Judith Brandon

Company Manager     Sue Calvert

Publicity    Claire Fewings

Make-Up    The Company

Set Manager    Hazel Simmons

Assisted by      Simon Avarne & Friends

Props Manager     Sue Bradley

Assisted by    Dave Bradley, Hazel Simmons 

                        Kim Bedford,  Amy Bowers,  Alan Jordan,                             Lucy Fewings & Friends

Costume Manager    Mandy Coluccia

Assisted by    Wendy Evans, Tatum Shields

                        Claire Fewings  & Friends

Hats    Kim Bedford

Children's Dressing Rooms   Tanya Bracci & Friends

Front of House   Jan Treacher-Evans & Friends

Refreshments   Sue Knight & Friends

Photography    Ben Talbot & Brian Simmons

Poster & Programme Cover   Sue Calvert

Written and Directed by Vanessa K Breach

Wotta Woppa

Principal Cast

Chrissie & Ben

Francesca Bracci, Sofia Bracci, Harrison Coughlin, Molly Crowhurst, Zara French, Melissa Graffham, Emily Kennedy, Josie Lintott, Kiera Taylor, Hannah Titchard, Olivia Tress, Logan West, Matilda West, Lucy Whitlock, Rosie Winfield and Samuel Winfield.


Narrator - Caroline Stephenson 

Captain Perkins - Tony Robinson

Ben The Bosun - Hazel Simmons

Robinson Crusoe - Tatum Shields

Chrissie Crusoe - Bethany Breach

Mrs Crusoe - Mandy Coluccia

Captain Blackheart - Kevin Stephenson

Lucy - Lucy Coluccia

Captain Fishnets - Claire Fewings

Wotta Woppa - Sue Calvert

Man Friday - Denis Titchard

Mystery Guest - Brian Simmons

Amanda Ashton, Janet Averne, Sue Bradley, Kim Bedford, Sue Calvert, Lorraine Howell, Brian Simmons, Caroline Stephenson, Denis Titchard, Steve Totman and Rebecca Willows.